Dear self,
I know that 2018 had been tough on you. It surely does not stop there, but it will constantly continue into this year also. But, that is okay. Only with the test from Allah, you will be strong and better muslimah. Even 2018 has been tough on you, there were also lot of happy things that happen in your life. It was so much until you can't count for them. 

You can perform solah.
You can do ibadah as a muslim.
You have a very lovely family.
You are healthy.
You can still continue your study.
You can still go to majlis ilm and majlis zikr.
You can eat delicious food.
You can sleep on your comfortable bed.
You can...

I'm sure, a lot of things you still can do. Believe it or not not, all of that are from Allah permission. They are all ni'mah from Allah s.w.t. 
Yet, you are still said that you don't have enough in your life. 

So, which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?
Ar Rahman:13
This year, you will still find a lot of challenges. That is for sure.
But, do not focus on them! 
There are a lot of good things too that happened in your life.
Cry if you need to cry.
But, your sadness will be end and you will smile after that. Believe that!
So please, don't you ever forget to smile.
Promise me, okay?!

See all your problems from a difference perspectives. See it as they come with Allah's love. InshaAllah, you will be strong enough to face all of the problems that you are facing right now and also the problems that you might face in the future. Believe in Allah. Allah is always there for you. Depend on Him. He is the only one that can help you. Even when you think it is imposibble, of course there will always possible to Allah. 

I will leave you with this ayah. You might always read or listen to this ayah. But, sometimes you forget about this. Please also remember and bear it in your mind and heart that Allah and Rasulullah saw is always there for you. I hope, you will always remember this forever. Until your last breath. InshaAllah. :")

Psst, it's raining now. Very beautiful masha Allah. Last but not least, sorry for my English. Tak reti sangat grammar semua tu. Tapi, tetiba feel nak menulis in English. Hikhik.

24 Rabiul Akhir 1440
4.50pm, IIUM.

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  1. Selamat melangkah ke halaman baru 2019.

  2. Happy new year, dear. Wishing you a great year full of Allah’s blessing and barakah.

  3. Anonymous11:49 PM

    rasanya 2018 saya penuh dgn hal duniawi je.. harap 2019 ni banyakkan beribadat lebih lagi
    thanks for this entry <3 happy new year :)

  4. Selamat tahun baru 2019

  5. selamat tahun baru . moga dipermudahkan segala urusan:)

  6. Happy New Year :)


  7. yang baik2 untukmu di tahun baru...

  8. Tenang sikit baca entry camni sebab kita tengah diuji ni huhuhu. In shaa Allah ada rezeki lain yang dah tertulis siap-siap. Hopefully.

  9. Semoga yang baik2 saja untuk tahun ini.. aaaminnn

  10. inshaallah takpe mesti ade hikah setiap kejadian. tahun baru 2019 dah selesai 31 hari di bulan Januari. dah masuk Februari :)

    terima kasih singgah blog saya,
    Blog Anamizu ;)

  11. Sekejap je dah bulan April kan.. Tak lama lagi puasa..


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