Before I Graduate.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I am not really good in English. When speaks or writing, there will be a lot of grammar errors. But, this 22nd of March, we will have oral Tecs test. We must take this test IF we want to graduate! Haha
It is similar to MUET I think, where we have to do oral test with four members. Discuss about issue that will be given and yes, there will be two examiners!

I don't know. Long time for not having writing in English and formal speaking. So, me is nervous. :P
Writing test will be on 12 April and we must do two essays. Haha

Because of that, I am practising now! English is fun actually. Just be confidence and for sure practice makes perfect. Right? Please don't laugh at my English. Muahaha~

Let's learn Japanese(tetiba)
Watashi wa Fatihah desu,
Watashi wa Computer Sciense no gakusei desu.
Douzo yoroshiku onigaisyimasu.

Nice to meet you.
I am Fatihah.
I am Computer Science student.
Help me and I will help you also. (something like that laa~) :P

Oklaa, that's all for today. Nothing much. Keep calm and learn foreign language. Ceiiwaahh! :P
Whoops! Do you learn foreign language? Come on, share it with me! Hihi

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  1. Best of luck hihi confidence level tu penting ^^

  2. sya dan bahasa mmg x ngam ..hihi..

  3. all the best dear... =) hehe

  4. Wish u luck and all the best Ana Fatihah. ☺

  5. waaa. pandai speak japanese. best! kita reti melayu, english jerr. hehehehe.

  6. still ada masa utk belatih,bitaufiq !

  7. annyeonghaseyo Ana ahakss


Bismillah. Titipkan nasihat anda. :)