My 2017 Happy Jar.

Monday, January 02, 2017

happy jar

I guess this idea has been viral few years before. And I do think this idea is really interesting and cool. But then, I am too lazy to do this. Nothing weird about I'm being lazy doing this happy thing. Right? :p

So, this year. Yup, 2017. I decide to do this.
I still not sure that I can keep this spirit until the end of 2017.
But , at least I've started doing this. Haha

What is HAPPY JAR?
I know most of you guys already know about this idea. But, let me tell you one more. Please, hehe.
Prepare a jar that is cute enough (well, it is not compulsory and I sure you know it already but I still want to write it LOL). Then, you just write any happy things that happened to you in any random papers. But I prefer sticky notes with striking colors. For now. :p
And, at the end of 2017. You can re-read what have you written and see how much happy things that you have been through this wonderful year. InshaAllah. :) 
I already put one thing that happened in 2017. I guess I can share it with all of my beloved friends. It is not privacy actually. Don't worry. Haha

new year sticky note

I hope it will be more and moreee happy things or moments that will happen to me, and also you! InshaAllah, Amiiin. :)

*this post is suppose to be publish yesterday but because of the internet problem, I end up publishing today*

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  1. Dulu zaman sekolah kak PC pernah buat..yang tolong gunting kertas mama akak..hihihi..sebab beli kertas A4 berwarna warni.kihkihkih.

    1. Hihi. Comel je akak dgn mak akak niii. :D

  2. idea yang baguslah. haha tak terfikir pulak

  3. Dulu selalu nak buat benda ni tapi selalu tak jadi buat,huhu. Bolehla try buat 1, nnti dah hujung tahun boleh baca semua benda best2 yg berlaku tahun 2017 ni :D

  4. menarik jgak Happy Jar ni. Boleh refresh balik benda2 yg happy jer yg jadi kat kita kan. 😁

  5. Bagus jgk ada happy jar ni. Semua happy memories kita leh tulia n, masukkan dlm jar. At the end of year boleh baca balik..

  6. Hepi nuyeeee ana.. ;)

  7. dok igt buat tabungan td..hehe. ok gak kan.. leh laa buat.

  8. dgn cara mcm ni sedikit sebanyak dpt mendorong kita buat benda yg baik dan menggembirakan wpn kecil kan?

  9. hallo January 2017!

    rasa macam nak buat jugak lah heppi jar nih..sound great

  10. Menarik idea ni! Nak buat jugaklah nanti. Hihi. Siqah ingatkan my happy jar means simpan duit. Hihi..


Bismillah. Titipkan nasihat anda. :)